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The Sunflower Side

Position Description
The Sunflower Side is recruiting two (2) Marketing Officers for the 2021-2022 term. Marketing Officers will work closely with the rest of The Sunflower Side’s executive team to design graphics for The Sunflower Side’s social media platforms (instagram, twitter,facebook, etc). The individuals will also play a large role in frequently collaborating and communicating with each other to develop, maintain and promote The Sunflower Side’s social media. Individuals must be organized, artistic, and good at communicating.

General Tasks:
Must develop content for The Sunflower Side’s social media.
Coordinate with the rest of the executive members to manage and constantly update social media as required.
Coordinate with the web developers to promote The Sunflower Side’s website and develop necessary graphics required for the website.
In charge of increasing social media follower count and by developing marketing strategies to promote The Sunflower Side.
Incharge of designing for events and initiatives.
Film/Edit videos of events and conferences for promotions.
Participate in The Sunflower Side’s initiatives and events as required to develop social media content.

Additional Requirements:
Must have frequent access to technology.
Must have adequate experience working with graphic design.
Must have access to sketching/drawing apps and video editing apps (i.e, Canva, iMovie, Procreate, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop CC, Premier Cut Pro)

To apply, please visit docs.google.com.