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The Summer Academy for Math and Science (SAMS) is a six-week residential summer program at Carnegie Mellon University for minoritized student groups interested in pursuing STEM-related undergraduate majors. The program offers two distinct cohorts for rising seniors and a smaller cohort for rising juniors. Admitted students engage in a rigorous curriculum taught by our world-renowned faculty and staff who are deeply committed to student success. Selected students have an opportunity to choose from two different academic tracks; Science and Engineering, and Computer Science. Both tracks allow students to develop a deeper understanding in areas such as mathematics, physics and computer programming via traditional classroom instruction and hands-on projects.

Through SAMS and other outreach initiatives, the university:

  • Creates a diverse and supportive community of STEM scholars interested in attending top-tier universities
  • Strengthens student commitment to pursuing STEM-related disciplines
  • Exposes students to world-renowned faculty and campus staff who serve as lifelong mentors
  • Supports students as they engage in a highly innovative, collaborative and inclusive environment

Carnegie Mellon is committed to expanding the pool of students from historically underrepresented backgrounds who want to pursue STEM disciplines. The admissions process for SAMS is competitive so students are encouraged to apply early.

To apply, please visit