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Grow your own food. Effortlessly.

With the motto of “Grow your own food. Minus the time, effort and space.”, Growomatic is a soon to be incorporated youth-led organization which aims to revolutionize agriculture by providing personalized expert services for growing your own organic food at home using innovative technologies that use 99% less resources and space, while also reducing the time and effort you have to put in. The surplus generated by selling Growomatic’s services will be used to support farmers in developing countries to promote a transition from traditional unscientific farming techniques to modern scientific ones.

Growomatic’s concept has won the 2nd Place at Start Up Now, has made it to the top 500 among nearly 7000 entries at the Young Tycoons Business Challenge and has been shortlisted at Uable Launchpad.

Growomatic currently has an UNPAID position open for a Marketing Manager.

1. Planning the marketing strategy
2. Designing marketing campaigns
3. Planning and writing content for social media posts

Time Commitment: 4-5 hours a week

1. A minimum of 6 months of informal/formal experience in marketing, preferably social media or digital storytelling
2. Fluency in English

1. An opportunity to be part of a movement having a significant impact on the environment
2. A chance to be part of the core team of a revolutionary organization once established
3. An unique addition to your resume
4. A chance to gain a Letter of Recommendation

Candidates shortlisted on the basis of this application will have to go through two interview rounds before being onboarded.

To apply, please visit forms.gle.