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Studently is a platform that makes it simple and easy for high school students to find internships, scholarships, college programs, and so much more. We are a nonprofit organization currently seeking 501(c)(3) status.

Step 1

Navigate over to our find an opportunity page

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Filter for opportunity type or browse our most recent opportunities​

Step 3

Find an opportunity that fits you and don’t hesitate to apply​!


Finding opportunities for high school students is very difficult. Unfortunately, many organizations refuse to give high school students a chance. We make locating amazing opportunities simple and easy. Just head to our FIND AN OPPORTUNITY page and explore listings of opportunities tailored for high school students. This makes it easy for you to find internships, scholarships, and so much more!


If you have any opportunity to offer high school students (job, internship, scholarship etc.) you can list it on our website through the LIST AN OPPORTUNITY page and get it noticed by talented and hard working high school students. You will be able to receive many applications and review all of them to determine the best candidate.

About Us

Studently is an organization created by students, for students. It was founded by a group of high school students who noticed how difficult it was to find opportunities for high school students. They realized that one of the main ways high school students discovered opportunities was through family members or friends. This meant it required the right connections to find opportunities. There were many talented and educated students that couldn’t find opportunities because they didn’t have the right connections, however. The founders decided to create a platform that connects organizations that are looking for students, with these ardent high schools students. Studently now makes it easy for students to discover amazing opportunities and realize their full potential.